Brenda Romero Named One of Top 10 Game Designers of 2013

Brenda Romero, UCSC’s Game Designer in Residence, has been named on of the top 10 game designers this year by Gamasutra!

There are a few high-profile individuals in game development we may point to as public speakers and advocates for the medium. Of those,Wizardry and Train developer Brenda Romero is almost certainly the most eloquent, and undeniably the most passionate. In 2013, she reminded us of the reasons we create and play — losing sight of that signals the death knell of an art form.

Romero doesn’t make this list because of a game she released this year, but because of her words. From her vibrant and pointed speech delivered at March’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to her design talks at IndieCade in October and GDC Next in November, to listen to Romero speak is to fall in love with the art and craftsmanship of games as she does; to believe in their exquisite possibilities to elevate the spirit; to admire games as existing within a larger ecosystem of human creativity.

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