CBS: UC Santa Cruz Offers Master’s Degree In Video Gaming

Joe Vazquez from CBS San Francisco reported on the launch of our new degree:

SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) – The business of video games is so lucrative and in need of creative minds that the University of California at Santa Cruz is now offering a master’s degree in video gaming at its Silicon Valley extension in Santa Clara.

UC Santa Cruz student Mark Gerow is set to begin the brand-new program this fall at the Santa Clara campus – to earn a master’s in Games and Playable Media. Gerow and a team of student programmers, engineers and designers have come with their own video game known as “Siege Breakers.”

“It’s a very technically oriented program that requires a lot of hard work … it’s not quite underwater basket weaving,” said Gerow. “It requires a little bit of blood, sweat and tears.”

“It’s a really cool art form itself,” said UC Santa Cruz senior Nicole Rusk. “It’s technology and art put together. So it’s this really great combination.”

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