Class of 2016

The following is the list of final thesis projects from our graduating class of 2015-2016.  These games are available on their respective sites.

A Godlike Good Kid is an interactive comic book experience that will take you on a journey through an enigmatic, magical world. As a “God” of this world, help Faye through her misadventures and unravel the mystery of the lost memories. Imagine Telltale-like storytelling, where the player’s point of view is beyond the fourth wall, and your actions change the world.  A Godlike Good Kid was made by Shen Luo, Xi Kang, Nikhil Bagul, and Karn Kual.  The game is now available on Apple App Store.



A Tale of Toys and Terrors is a tower defense card game made by Jonah Nobleza and Team Feed.  The game takes place in a child’s bedroom, where the player must strategically place toys in order to stop the scary things that come out of the closet. The game explores the maturation of fears: The first enemies are things like spiders and clowns, but eventually the player faces more abstract fears like ‘rejection.’ Using a novel mix of card game and tower defense, Toys and Terrors is a thoughtful and stylistic experience.  You can download the game at


Run! Hero is a match-3 endless runner developed by Hal Yuan and Team Tiger.  Join our heroes on their journey to defeat their enemies and save the kingdom from a dreaded curse in this match-three puzzle game. Make block combinations in order to unleash powerful abilities and vanquish your foes.  Run! Hero is available to download on the Apple App Store.


Snow Brawlers is a 3D multiplayer game made by Max Wang and the team at BrawlerStudios.  Engage in chaotic snowball combat as you build a stockpile of snowballs and chase your friends.  Fight to become the king of the playground and have your name written into the annals of snowball fighting history!  Snow Brawlers was made in Unreal.  A pre-alpha version of the game can be downloaded at


Ulama:  Arena of the Gods is a 2D local multiplayer sports game developed by Pedro Cori and Trainwreck Games.  Players form into teams and pick their characters from a roster of the Aztec pantheon. Then they duke it out in the ball court to score the most goals on the opposing team’s portal, hopefully beating their rivals senseless in the process! Each character has unique characteristics and abilities that the player will be able to combine with her teammates’ to do awesome plays or knock her opponents right off the stage.  Ulama:  Arena of the Gods is now available on Steam Early Access.