Class of 2017

The following is the list of final thesis projects from our graduating class of 2016-2017.  Click an image to learn more about that game.  Each game is available on its respective site.







Brosaurus Wrecks!

Brosaurus Wrecks! is a VR game developed by Rogelio Espinoza, Iman Fayek, Zheng Guo, Roy Huang, and Kireeti Vetagiri.  In order to prove himself the bro-iest bro of them all, Brosaurus cast aside his mortal body and shed his humanity, embracing Dr. Chad’s methods and and placing his life within the hands of science.  Brosaurus must use the city as his personal training grounds.  Wanton destruction follows!  Learn more about Brosaurus Wrecks! at



CtrlShift is a local co-operative VR game designed by Dylan Faust and the team at The Hive (Ellie Hackman, Ashkan Nourkhalaj, Lingyi Qu, Zejun Yuan, and Eadmond Dai).  One player dons an HTC Vive VR kit and must break into an office whose various rooms are patrolled by guards. The other player sits at a computer and must manage a dated, VGA-palette interface, complete with a building map and live camera feeds, to help out the spy. Each player has limited information, so both players must constantly exchange information they each see to keep the VR spy on the right track; the primary system here is computer code commands, which the spy and hacker must figure out together.  Learn more about CtrlShift at


Dictatorship! is a strategy game developed by Samuel Reha and Jake Baker, also know as Ludocracy Games.  Inspired by the book The Dictator’s Handbook, players take on the role of a tyrannical dictator bent on remaining in power.  To do this, players will need to manage their countries population and resources while making sure their inner circle of trusted confidants are kept happy.  Dictatorship! is free to play at


Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust is a 2D platformer about death, destruction, and rebirth.  You play as Nova, a forest sprite. The forest has been destroyed in a fire and it is your job to navigate through the treacherous terrain and bring life back to your beloved home. Avoid hazards and solve puzzles on your journey to the center of the forest.  Dust to Dust was made Team Nova, consisting of Laura Herzberg, Max Fisher, and Shweta Patil.  The game is available for download at


Tornado Tower

Tornado Tower is a VR platformer brought to you by the team at Dizzy Slugs (Anton Starodub, Kelsey Coffman, Rayjo Fu, and Anita Wilhelm).  Players take control of Zeru, an adventure looking to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Tornado Tower.  Using a friendly wind spirit, Zeru runs, jumps and flies through a fully realized 360° world thanks to the power of VR.  Find out more at