Class of 2015

The following are the final thesis projects of our graduating class of 2014-2015.  These games are available on their respective sites.


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Aura is a 2D exploration-based music game by Patrick Trinh and Lun Cao.  Take control of a ship as you explore different areas, seeking out nodes that contain the fuel you need to get your mothership home.  Each node is tied to a part in the music being played.  As you gather more nodes, you will be constructing a full song, culminating in a dramatic final encounter with the guardians of each world.  For more information, visit



Eurption! is a game developed by Cody Childers and Team Pele.  You are a volcano!  Living things that don’t respect your power have settled on your surface, and you must show them who’s boss.  Play your way through history as you attempt to become one of history’s greatest volcanoes. You can download the game at




REPLAY is a thrilling first-person action game developed by Tammi Tay and the team at Earl Grey Games.  In an abandoned underground facility, deadly clones are following your every move.  If you stop, they will kill you.  If you are careless, you will kill yourself.  Can you escape the clones?  Visit for more information.



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Star Crossing is a visual novel/rhythm game about a six-man a cappella group developed by Amanda Ohsiek and Team Star Crossing.  Pair up members to forge friendships or incite rivalries. Learn about their special skills, their pasts, their insecurities. Guide each of them on a musical journey to perfect their singing and their stage presence. Whether they succeed or fail in their goal to conquer the airwaves is all up to you. Star Crossing is available for download at




Violet is a short psychological horror game/experience about a teenager having nightmares due to the distressing events taking place in her life.  This game was a solo project by student Deep Pancholi, who also worked on the game Star Crossing.  You can learn more about Violet on Deep’s portfolio.




WEIGHT++ is a 2D puzzle numeracy game for iPad developed by Zhennian Liang and the Weight Plus Plus Studio. Ms. Cheese has gone missing and it’s up to Mr. Calorie to find her.  Mr. Calorie has different abilities depending on his size.  Thankfully for Mr. Calorie, he can change his size by eating different symbols and foods.  He’ll need to use this ability if he wants to complete each stage and find Ms. Cheese!  WEIGHT++ is an international collaboration between developers in the US and China.  Download link coming soon!