Games & Playable Media

The Games and Playable Media Masters of Science program (GPM) is a professionally-oriented degree program that currently runs for five quarters. The program is geared to students who want to make games or other rich interactive computational media experiences, and the program focuses on computer games whose purpose is primarily entertainment. The program provides students with an intensive educational experience in order to prepare them for entry into the computer game industry.

The following courses are required:

*Classes titled with “GAME” are offered at our Silicon Valley campus whereas those titled “CMPM” are offered at UCSC’s main campus in Santa Cruz.

Sample Schedule

Quarter 1

Fundamentals of Game Engineering (GAME 230)
Game Design Systems (GAME 200)
Games Proseminar (GAME 280A)
Quarter 2

Elective 1
Elective 2
Games Proseminar 
(GAME 280A)
Quarter 3

Game Technologies 
(GAME 231)
Games & Playable Media Studio I (GAME 270)
Professional Development for Game Makers I
(GAME 221)
Summer Break

Internship or 
Sponsored Project
Quarter 4

Games & Playable Media Studio II (GAME 271)
Elective 3
Games Proseminar (GAME 280A)
Quarter 5

Games & Playable Media Studio III (GAME 257)
Elective 4
Games Proseminar 
(GAME 280A)

Capstone Project

The degrees culminate in a comprehensive, collaborative capstone project. Students work together in spring, fall, and winter quarters to learn fundamental game engineering and project management practices while also pitching and developing project ideas. Successful pitches are selected for completion during this sequence.