CtrlShift named best “sleeper hit” of E3 by Ars Technica

We are pleased to announce that student game CtrlShift was named “sleeper hit” of last week’s E3 conference by the editors of Ars Technica.  You can watch the announcement on Ars Technica’s website.  CtrlShift, as well as undergraduate game Phantom Jump, were also featured in an Ars Technica article highlighting indie games at E3.

A local co-op game that uses both a PC and a VR headset, CtrlShift puts players in the role of a hacker or a spy respectively.  Each player has a different and limited set of information, with the hacker getting access to a functional computer terminal while the spy surveys his surroundings in the VR headset.  The two players must work together to sneak past guards and hack the enemy mainframe in a fight for humanity.  You can learn more about CtrlShift at

We at the Games and Playable Media MS are proud of Team Hive’s achievements and look forward to their continued success.