Program Director Brenda Romero’s work PreConception (pregame notgame) has been chosen by IndieCade curators as an Official Selection of IndieCade 2013

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PreConception (pregame notgame) is a game without rules. It represents the neutral state game designer’s mind as he or she considers the possibility space of a new game. It makes visible the radically shifting possibility space within the context of all possible permutations of play. Infinite at first, each selection changes the opportunities and play afforded […]

Sentinel/Mercury: UC Santa Cruz offers a professional degree in games and playable media

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury covered the announcement of our new degree: SANTA CRUZ — UC Santa Cruz has established a new master’s degree program in games and playable media offered from the UCSC Silicon Valley site in Santa Clara. The professional degree program will give students a strong background in advanced technologies used […]